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Baby It's Cold Outside!


It's that time! Today, we had snow flurries early and there was a cutting wind with it so I snuggled down in to my ski parka as I braved the train station and ended up looking for a parking spot for at least 10 minutes. Lucked out with a gap as someone left who had dropped off a husband. Since the ski jacket is getting a little tatty round the edges and I need a delicious new warm winter coat before the holidays, I think I'll find time to do a little shopping for me for a change. Some really interesting choices too so it should be fun. I'm trying to decide between down and fleece for the jacket and I think I'll look for a nice wool for the coat. Should be dressy too but able to do the commute or a party. Kind of asking a lot but the budget being what it is - oh well.

I think I'll look at the North Face offerings for the ski jacket first. The Denali jackets, both down and fleece are really well made, warm and stylish without being too flashy. Room to move in them too. I'll try their online direct buy but check out some of the outlets they use as once in a while there are discontinued colors at substantial savings. Backcountry and REI come to mind.


Failing the North Face, I'll move to Bean,Land's End and EMS. Out of those I'll find something worth while I'm sure.

Then on to the coats. I think I'm going to start with Bloomingdale's and Nordstrom's. Neiman is a little too pricey for me generally speaking. Red is lovely at this time of year. Will it stand up to it, I wonder? And the blacks are very dressy looking and don't have to be expensive necessarily. You know while I'm about it, I think I'll look at the pea jackets and the long coats. That way, I could ring the changes a bit and get a pretty good bang for the buck if I'm careful. Crank up Nordstrom and see what they have.

Wow! Just spotted another possibility at Nordstrom's. It's a Calvin Klein Wing Collar Puffer Coat. Very sharp look! and priced at a very reasonable $148. Well that settled the in-between look nicely. I'll do the North Face Denali and make it fleece.

And finally, the long coat. Try Bloomie's. Hmm. A few nice coats there. For instance a Hilary Radley New York Long Belted coat in a wool/rayon. Reasonable at $285 and could do the job between work and evening play.

Well, Perhaps I'll keep shopping. There are some absolutely stunning sophisticated Belted Trenches making the rounds in New York right now, so I better check those out as well.  Oh, by the way,  have you seen that big offering of stunning pea coats at Bloomies this year? Some really lovely jackets to see there.  Don't miss them either!

Pretty good range of choices and I'm in the mood.

Want to join me?